How is the ranking calculated?
The ranking is based on engagement rate of each post, so it takes into account: like, retweet, reply and size of the audience.

How can the ranking be updated?
Touch the screen on the top of the list and Swipe Down.

How long does it take to update tweets?

It takes about 5 seconds. Depends on quantity of tweets on your Twitter timeline from the last hour.

The last successful update will be showed up on the top of the screen.

After Swipe Down, the tweets are not being updated.
Try logout and login again. If the problem persists, clear cache of the xRanky app:

Settings > Apps > xRanky > Clear Cache

The app stops responding.
If it takes long time to load tweets (more than 1 minute) or to make any other operation, close the app:

Settings > Apps > xRanky > Force stop

How can I edit my profile?
You can visit any user's profile by clicking on Twitter avatar. Click on your own and edit the profile.

I can't see some images and videos in the xRanky app.
Eventually, some links can't be opened in the app. Just click on the link and open on the browser.

I am not seeing the tweets of some friends anymore.
The algorithm of the xRanky is based on how the audience interact with the post (like, retweet or reply), so the tweets are probably getting low rankings.

Click on your Twitter avatar to access the complete timeline.

​If you have any question, contact us:

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